Everyone wants to be successful in life. Even though everyone has its own definition of success but for the majority, it is in monetary terms.


Everyone wishes for gold and glory but working for it makes all the difference. Everyone can build the castle in the air but building the stairs to reach that castle is the real challenge. Unless and until you are passionate to earn something big in your life, all these wishes remain reveries.

With my 25 plus years of experience in the field of management academics, I have seen that during orientations and induction programs (even after that) every student aspired to be CEO of a big company. But most of them ended up on average nine to five job and juggling with their routine life, finances, bosses, and work pressures. Only 2-3% of people are on their dream path.

What went wrong with them?             

They all built the castles in the air but do not work hard to make the stairs to reach that castle. The people who achieved their dream jobs & career have a blend of many ingredients which contributed to their success. In this blog, I will elaborate on all these essential ingredients. Let’s explore One by one.

1. Core Competency:

The very first thing is discovering your own core competency. Find out what are the tasks and things in which you are good at. What is your expertise? Which are the things you love to do?

For this you have to do SWOT analysis of yourself-Write your

1. Strengths- It includes your soft skills, your qualifications, your hobbies, and your personality traits.

2. Weakness’- It includes your deficiencies like lack of confidence or any bad habit.

3. Opportunities- Based on your strengths, explore the fields in which you can find opportunities like if you are a good writer, you can be worked as a content writer, etc.

4. Threats: Based on your weakness’ and market situations, what are the major threats that can hinder your growth?

A detailed and honest SWOT analysis is a great tool to find your core competency which leads to help you in niche selection.

If you excel your career in the field which is your core competency, the success score is considerably increased. For Example, if you are an extrovert person, the desk job is not suited for you. You are more successful as a marketer of Personal Relationship manager and if someone is introvert, he will be good at office jobs or research & analytical work where public dealing is less.

2. Niche Selection:

Your niche ought to be the sub set of your passion, talent and market opportunities.

Step-1 in niche selection: Find your passion:  When you talk about your passion, there is a sparkle in your eyes. It gives immense happiness when you talk about your passion. You never feel bored or tired, when you perform your passion. If your passion becomes your career, the chances of success are much higher.

Step-2 Find your talent: Passion is your interest and talent is your expertise. Your talent may be a good speaker, analytical and critical thinking, leadership or team player, writer, coder, marketer, etc. Try to discover your talent. You can take help of your family members, relatives, and friends.

Step-3 in niche selection is understanding the market opportunities.  For example one of my students has a passion in badminton and has a good knowledge of badminton rackets, shuttles, shoes and other accessories. He also has talent to learn new things quickly, command on language and analytical skills, so he started an affiliate blog where he write reviews on badminton products and in a very short time he started earning an extra income from affiliate marketing from his blog because there is marketing opportunity where people are searching about the badminton sports equipment.

Finding your niche is a very crucial step in your success journey because the whole castle of success is to be built on your niche.

3. Self-Discipline:

If you want to achieve big, Self-discipline is a very important ingredient without which the success is impossible. Until you reach to your goal it is like austerity.

You have to follow strict schedule. Continuous effort is the key to success. You must have heard the story of hare and tortoise. The tortoise won because of continuity.

Time management: Everybody has 24 hours in a day 7 days a week and 365 days in a year. Time management is an art. Who can manage the time, can be the winner. Plan your day properly.

Fix your sleeping hours. Fix a specific time for sleeping and waking up. Although rising early is very good for health but if you have better concentration at night, then fix your sleeping hour for example I like to sleep at 3 am and seven-hour rest is good enough for my body, I wake at 10 in the morning. Sleeping after 10 means I am doing harm to my body.

Divide your day properly in sleeping hour, working hours, exercising, family & recreational hours.  

Fix your daily, weekly, monthly targets. Success is a slow process. It is like a staircase. You have to go step by step. Don’t pile up the work. Daily & weekly targets help you to achieve big in your life.

4. Self-Motivation:

As I mentioned earlier that success is a slow process. Keeping yourself motivated is very important in this process.

Read good motivational books to keep you high. Biographies of successful persons, success stories and case studies are very helpful to get aspirations.

Setting up milestones is a good strategy in the success journey. For example, if your monetary goal is to earn 1 Crore in two years’ time, you can divide this goal into eight quarters.

Growth Rate 60% 
Quarter 11,50,000
Quarter 22,40,000
Quarter 33,84,000
Quarter 46,14,400
Quarter 59,83,040
Quarter 615,72,864
Quarter 725,16,582
Quarter 840,26,532

Dividing the long term goal in short milestones is a very good strategy to keep you motivated. At each milestone you can pat your back and celebrate.                                      

After a specific period of time says quarterly you must evaluate your strategy. Either you are able to complete or incomplete your target, you must do required up gradation to your strategy because you learn and get more experience with time. You can reset your targets and achieve the goal before time.

5. Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is very crucial tool in the success. It is said that the success is 90% planning and 10% execution but I have seen people who spend all their time in planning only and no execution at all.

They don’t have confidence to execute the process. So, it is necessary to set up a time limit for planning and execution. Without execution, you are not able to get the results.

When you planned, plan in phases. After each phase, there must be review to check the results. If there is any gap in results you can get the amendments in the plan.

6.Hard Work

There is no alternative of hard work. But hard work should be done in right direction and at a same area

There is a very interesting story about Ballu, my neighbor in the village. He wants to dig a well in his field. Every day, he set forth to the field in the dusk and works till evening. After 15 days, I ask him about the progress of work. He was very disappointed and told me that he worked hard for the last fifteen days from dusk to dawn but all is vain as he could not able to find the water in his field. I went with him to see his field the next day. To my great surprise, there are about eight pits all over the field which are about 5-8 feet deep. I asked Ballu about those pits. He said he started digging the well but after digging 4-5 feet, he did not find water, then he tried at another place. He dug eight pits of average 6 feet and found nothing. So, if he dug at the same place, he will be able to dig almost 48 feet and definitely got the water. But he spoiled the entire field as well as his hard work.

What is the moral of the story? Only hard work is not enough. Hard work with strategic planning as well as in the same direction is important.

7. Upgrade your Learning

This is era of technology and technology is upgrading every minute. To keep the pace with the changes, keep learning new skills, tools and technologies. Keep a sharp eye on up gradations. Learn about the new innovations, marketing skills, leadership, channels of communications, human psychology etc. and these skills into your business because every business is about people and product. Upgrade your product and keep communicating with the people and vice versa. You can know about people need while you communicate with them and upgrade your product according to the need and then again communicating with people to tell about the product and the process goes on.

8. Continuity:

Efforts should be continuous. There is a beautiful story where a child was unable to learn after three years of schooling in guru’s ashram. The guru asked the child to leave the school as there was no use to stay there. The child was very upset. On the way to home, he stopped by a village well to quench his thrust. He saw a stone by the wall of well where the rope which carried the bucket made a mark. He thought when a rope made by soft strings could make a mark on a hard stone by rubbing again and again, then why my mind is unable to learn. Is it harder than a stone? He went back to the school and promised his guru ji that he would learn by practicing. The practice makes a human perfect. By practicing again and again, the child became a famous scholar.

The practice and continuous efforts definitely bring the results.

If you want to become a blogger but can’t write good content, start practicing, write atleast 500 words a day. Day by day, you will able to write good content.

If you want to learn guitar practice your lesson at least half an hour per day, you will get expertise in a year.

If you to get good physique start exercise for half an hour per day, you will get in shape three months of time.

For each and every skill, you have to practice daily. There is no short cut for this.